Packing A Lunch That Your Child Will Eat

When your child starts off school, the first hurdle that becomes a faulty affair is planning a lunch item for your child. Usually children are fussy eaters and often have to be called into eating items that are nutritious. Many children have a taste of sweet items like candies and chocolates, but these cannot be put in the lunch box every day. Most schools these days are making parents aware of the importance of packing nutritious lunches in their children’s backpacks. As a result, most junk food items that children love are not allowed in school.
Nutritious bread based mealsThere are simple bread based lunch ideas that are great and tasty as well. Some kids are okay about munching on a sandwich and one that is made out of peanut butter is both nutritious and appealing to kids. The same goes for jam sandwiches or a simple bread and butter and sugar spread. It adds the required calories in their system to keep them going till they get home. The bag or the box in which you pack in the lunch is also important. One can opt for bento lunch boxes or similar branded and reliable products in the market.
Colorful veggies and friesAnother set of lunch ideas for children revolve around tiny cuts of vegetables like carrots, beans, sprouts and others that are mingled with a couple of French fries. These can be home cooked and need not fall in the junk food category for kids. After all, fried potatoes pack in a lot of calories and need is not junk food as they provide the required calories for the young people. When these lunches are packed in bento lunch boxes these appeals to children a lot.
Change the items oftenWhat will put off a kid are food items that are repeated every other day. Hence, a peanut butter sandwich will work for one day, but not every day. One can repeat a lunch item once or twice in a week but no more. Usually Fridays are relaxed days when children can get food of their choice to school. These days one can pack in pasta with cheese and veggies, a burger and other favorite items of the children. These items make the children be more tolerant of the not so interesting lunch items on other days.
Get attractive lunch bagsIn order to make lunch a fun time, choose from an attractive range of lunch boxes that are available for children these days. Ensure that you choose a size that is right for the age group of your child and comes with compartments which make different food additional possible. Having a compartmental lunch box makes lunch a more fun and varied affair for children.
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