Daily Archives: September 23, 2015

As a parent, you always want the absolute best for your baby. While your baby grows up you try to ensure that you provide the highest standards of safety and care. This applies specially when travelling with your baby in a vehicle as you are also at the mercy of many other drivers on the road. As we see more and more vehicles on the road it is essential that parents take all precautions to ensure their child travels safely. You need to be able to give your child a safe and comfortable ride every single time he or she travels. As children nowadays spend many numbers of hours travelling in vehicles it is important that babies are strapped in with a seat belt to prevent any unnecessary movement and ensure that injuries are lessened in the instance of a crash, also check this great online baby store.
However, an adult car seat does not help the baby to be strapped in properly as the adult’s seat belt does not fit a baby’s body perfectly. This is where a baby booster seat becomes useful. Here the seat boosts your baby up to fit in correctly with the car’s lap and shoulder seat belt. This reduces any injury that can happen during a crash as well injuries that the car seat belt itself might cause during an accident. The state law also requires that you use a booster seat for your child when travelling in a vehicle.
When is your child ready?Instructions on the baby booster seat say that your child is ready when he or she is between 30 to 40 pounds of weight. It is also advisable to use the harness which comes with the seat to ensure he or she is securely in place, even if the child tends to struggle a lot in the back seat. Once the child is strapped in if she is leaning all the way back without slouching and her knees bending exactly at the seat edge without pointing straight out, you know that the seat fits your baby well.
What is the safest way to position the seat?The best place to position the seat would be in the middle of the rear seat of the car so that your child is safe from any potential impact from either side in case of an accident. If the car seat belt doesn’t support this, then you can choose the right side or the left side of the backseat. It would help you to see your child easier if he is on the either side of the driver rather than directly behind.