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Head lice infestation is a common illness, especially among school children. However, this does not mean that head lice cannot affect adults. They can attack anyone regardless of age,sex or race. The parasites spread faster through physical contact with an affected person. The wingless insects prefer to live and breed in the scalp of a person. They survive by feeding on human blood. It is worth bearing in mind that lice cannot infest animals. Also, they are pretty harmless, meaning they do not pose any serious health threats to the affected person.
Nevertheless, if the lice are left to breed and multiply for a long time, the scalp might start getting itchy. This will lead to excessive scratching of the scalp hence causing red sores. The sores can lead to bacterial infection.That is why, once the symptoms of lice infestation has been detected, it is imperative to eliminate the parasites right away.Treating head lice infestation as soon as possible is of paramount importance as it will prevent further laying of lice eggs in the scalp. There are several treatment methods that people have been using all over the world to treat lice infestation.
There are a number of head lice products such as medicated creams and shampoos that have been proven to be extremely effective in exterminating lice. One should read and follow the instruction of the product usage carefully. Most head lice treatment in Australia,  products are pure insecticides, meaning they can be very poisonous. Therefore, one should use them with utmost care. Also, putting them away from children is absolutely necessary. There are certain chemical solutions that only kill the lice and leaving their egg intact. This way, the eggs will hatch and the problem will be back again. The only way to completely remove lice eggs is through picking them manually.
There is a special type of comb that can be used to remove both the parasites and their eggs manually. There are a number of lice combs available – made of either metal or plastic. Metal combs are often preferred over their plastic counterparts since they are able to effectively deal with adult lice. Before using a comb, it is important to wash the hair with a shampoo before applying a hair conditioner to soften it. Wet hair will deter the movement of lice; thus,finding and killing with will be quite easier.
An electronic lice comb is another special comb used to exterminate lice. The comb works by releasing electrical signals and current to kill lice. The procedure needs to be repeated several times until all the lice in the scalp have been killed. Ideally, one should do it four to five times. Since head lice can be transmitted from one person to another, it would be a good idea if all
members of the family are treated. The infested people must be given the first priority.Natural lice treatment may take time. On the other sides, using insecticides is a sure way to get rid of lice in less than no time.