Daily Archives: October 2, 2014

Either last year was the year of the fertile rabbit or it was just a very fertile year for the people around me. Three of my extended family members became pregnant (one for the first time and two for the second time) and four of my friends became pregnant (two for the second time and two for the third time). In total, there were four baby boys and three baby girls in my midst. At times it sounded like a nursery during our get-togethers. I definitely had no shortage of babies to hold. Most of our discussions during that time were about pregnancies, maternity clothes and babies. We talked about morning sickness, which some thought should really be called all day sickness; tender breasts; fatigue; increased urination; cravings or aversions to certain food; cramping; slight bleeding; dizziness; mood swings; constipation. At times, our discussions became a little too graphic and uncomfortable for some of the men folk around us, but that’s the fact of life. On a lighter note, we also discussed the latest trends in maternity clothes and the abundance of baby clothing stores.
From our discussions, I learnt that there are several discount baby clothing stores online which makes it very convenient for the parents-to-be and their family and friends to purchase baby clothes without having to step foot in a store. This is particularly helpful for people who live in the country who may not have access to many baby clothing stores. I also found out that there are weekend markets that sell new as well as second-hand maternity clothes, baby clothes, cots, change tables, prams, toys and all sorts of baby accessories. Sellers can book a stall at the market and sell their wares. That means parents can make back some money without the hassle of holding a garage sale or signing up with eBay to try and sell their baby clothes and accessories. If they don’t have enough baby clothes and accessories to fill a stall, they can pool together with family and friends who also have baby clothes and accessories to sell and share a stall; thus sharing the rental cost of the stall. The benefit of having a stall in the weekend market is its huge attraction to shoppers who are out for a bargain. Or shoppers like me who go to the market with the intention of buying fresh produce, but often end up buying other things too just because they were there under the same roof. Click here for more information and for inquiries.
Whether it’s the weekend market or the maternity clothes and baby clothing stores, we are lucky to have so many choices today compared to our grandparents’ generation. For the trendsetters, there is no shortage of designer labels baby clothes. For the bargain hunters, there are discount baby clothing stores online or in the markets. My children have benefitted from hand-me-downs and discount baby clothes.