This is what you need apparently when it comes to keeping your child satisfied in the toy department, there are 101 things they absolutely must have to make it through the day. Toys that speak to them, that can transform from one thing to another, that need to be built and not just the one thing but there are other components to the toy so that you have to come back and buy them as well so that they child can have the entire thing eventually and once it is all made it is the size of their room and they have to sleep with you for the rest of their lives. Read the actual 101 on this top article

All construction type toys are very good at this, they have one part and then other parts can be added later on, it costs an absolute fortune, there is one particular building block that can cost up to three and four hundred dollars just for the one thing. Mind you is generally something along the line of an ocean liner with all the figurines and bits and pieces that go with it, but it is still an expensive toy and by the end of the week you will be stepping on all the little bits and vacuuming them up. Four hundred dollars up the vacuum not sure that it a wise investment.

If you have a girl it is even worse there are all the dolls and the fashions that go with them and you have to buy the dolls friends and the pets and the luxury homes and vehicles and all of that is over and done within a couple of years and the child has grown up and no longer wishes to play with the old toys, they have gotten their two years’ worth of play out of it and have moved on to real fashion and now want the children’s baking accessories. She also might like these dolly pegs check them out here.

Every couple of years you have to have a garage sale just to recoup some losses you have made in the toy department, here is a little gem of a thought though, sometimes it is worthwhile hanging onto some of the toys, they end up being worth more than what you spent on them, especially if you have the original box they came in and all the pieces are there, so you might be able to make a profit at some point. G.I.Joe today is worth more than when it was first sold and the same goes for the old petrol station smurfs. If you have the whole collection in prime condition you can make yourself a tidy little profit, smurfette is worth quite a bit. So don’t just chuck them out have a look at their condition and see if they are worth storing away, if nothing else you will have some toys for the grandkids to play with when they come along.